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Replenishing Adult Stem Cells

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This is the specialized department of Hilu Medical Centre, a surgical centre located in Puerto Banús (Marbella), Spain, which applies the most pioneer and innovating treatments, revolutionizing the world of regenerative medicine and cellular surgery due its treatments with stem cells deriving from calcaneous bone (heel).

Our team specializes in cellular medicine in USA, Holland, England, and in adult stem cell Implants.

This method has replaced the ones known up to now that used to cause discomfort and hospitalization hours as the extraction was usually made from the iliac crest (a waist bone), bringing disadvantages as this extraction technique does not provide all necessary cells.

The extraction method from the calcaneous bone does not imply any discomfort at all, as it is performed with local anesthesia, providing enough replenishing adult stem cells, enabling the patient to leave the hospital walking without any other posterior care.

The extracted stem or replenishing cells do quickly adapt to the area of implanting, therefore allowing a fast replenishment of damaged tissues, modulating inflammatory processes and organizing blood supply.

This therapy has neither medical nor legal contraindications, and does not imply ethic or moral problems, as they are not embryonic cells, but own and adult cells subject to minimum manipulation, as the process is carried out in a autologous way and during the same surgery act.


The morphological analysis of blood by means of a microscope with a magnification of 60.000 is one of the methods used in Hilu Stem Center, to know the disorder originating from the interior if the organism and to control the treatments evolution.

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